Leader Linné Småland has three all-encompassing goals under the auspices of guidelines from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development, the Social Fund and the Regional Development Fund, which are to make the region:

1. An exciting environment where people and ideas can grow. 

2. Open to the new and unknown.

3. Self-sufficient and entrepreneurial.

Leader Linné Småland will include eight municipalities: Alvesta, Ljungby, Markaryd, Sävsjö, Vetlanda, Värnamo, Växjö and Älmhult. This will entail a total of 167 309 inhabitants. The strategy emphasizes the mutual benefits of cooperation between the rural and urban regions. The area has sizeable forest regions and valuable natural environment. There are two large lakes, the Bolmen and the Åsnen, smaller ones such as Emån and hundreds of other smaller lakes and waterways that lend the region its particular character. 

The challenges for Leader Linné Småland are: increased integration through active dialogues, collaboration and meetings. Increased collaboration between the various parties involved will lead to a levelling out of discrepancies between the centre and periphery areas, men and women, and – in smaller towns – recent arrivals and the depopulation. The manufacturing industry is dominant in the region, employing a larger part of the population than is the case in the rest of the country. Competence development, a change in attitude on the significance of education and additional efforts on the labour market to increase employment opportunities for both men and women of various ages are measures that are needed. Furthermore, an inventory and review of the varying housing needs is also needed.

The goals have been specified in action programmes and interim goals that will be followed up through various indicators, for instance: numbers of meetings, participants, companies, feasibility studies, tested ideas and project applications from young people under the age of 25. Furthermore, other aspects that will be monitored through indicators are horizontal goals such as: sustainable social development (equality, diversity, integration, non-discrimination), sustainable environmental development, economic staying power and development, as well as international perspectives. 

Contact: Åsa Weström, Executive director


+46 705 600 262